Nature Vilas – Luxury Hotel and Spa

Nature Vilas – Luxury Hotel and Spa

Nature Vilas is the best luxury hotel in Manali on mall road.

Cradled in the lap of nature, amidst vast horizons and green pastures are some exotic dwellings curated by ‘Nature Vilas hotel in Manali at Mall Road’ to cater to all your Himalayan vacation fantasies. It is not just the aesthetic allure of the mountains that drags throngs of backpackers to this site rather it is the deep-rooted culture, tourism infrastructure and the hospitality of a delightful bunch of locals. Nature villas hotel in Manali invites you all on a retreat to this heavenly abode with all the comfort and luxuries of your homes and even more.

Wake up to the light rays of the sun filtering through the maze of clouds and peeping in through the slight gap of the curtains. Stream Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song while sipping a cup of sugarless tea accompanied by small bites of jaggery and spend the day lounging about the villa and pay a visit to the in-house spa to soothe those sore muscles and get rid of the cramps.

Best Hotel In Manali at Mall Road

You could also spend the day exploring the streets of Manali and awaken your olfactory and gustatory senses with the aromatic smell of spices coming from the stalls lined up at the mall road. Gorge on ‘TudkiyaBhaat’ and lotus stems and chug it all down with a glass of ‘chilli. Interact with the locals and learn how they celebrate life daily and listen to their anecdotes of traversing the hills that would have you burst into peels of laughter. If you are lucky you could even witness some Tibetan folk dances being performed on the streets.

Return back after this adventure to the comfort of your villa where you can have enjoyed an open barbeque under the night sky. The stars shine so brightly here you’d feel as if you can pluck them from the sky. We offer you the promise of world-class luxury in the midst of the most scenic and tranquil places in the country.


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